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Timeless Stories Like You´ve Never Heard Them: - 2015

String Orqchestra & músic-box
Written with a didactic purpose. It is scored for string orchestra and solo instrument, in this case a diatonic music-box, representing the different characters unfolding within the narrative throughout the whole work.

The Ice land songs - 2011

soprano + 2 trumpets + horn + trombone 
This work is aimed at educational concert where they are shown the main brass instruments also interpreted with soprano who also serves as narrator.


Six Galician dances - 2010

1, 1, 1 - 1,1 -  2 perc. - strings
This work is intended as a didactic concert, which shows the brass instruments in a quartet with a soprano narrating the story.
Intro / lullaby - Mario Diz
lullaby 2 - Mario Diz
Pontevedra processional march / "Alalá" - Mario Diz
"Ai Rosiña" - Mario Diz
"Os teus ollos" - X. Castro ( Chané ) / Mario Diz

Recorded by Radio Galega; Sound Tec. Miguel Novás

My first violin - 2008

methodology for teaching violin at an early age
My first violin is a method for the initiation on the violin, which can be applied at early ages (starting at three years). With it, children may approach learning violin in an easy and progressive way; Beautiful illustrations and a literary excuse help make the instrumental learning a fun discovery. An extense teacher’s guide is included with the book, offering many examples of its didactic applications.
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