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This work is composed for viola and prepared piano and is based on a poem written in four verses, each one of the verses highlights each one of the letters of the name SARA, these verses can be ordered of different forms, creating of this different variations. The musical work is also divided into four parts, these parts are interchangeable forming a total of 16 combinations / variations that complete the entire work. Also the letters that form the name SARA are highlighted giving a sound to each of them being: S (B) A (Ab) R (D) and A (A), these four sounds will form the harmonic and melodic base that completes the work. Also, it is based on two techniques for each instrument fot indicated these four sounds; Viola is tuned in scordatura in B, Ab, D and A; And the piano with four clothing clip placed on its strings will mark the same sounds.

Ensemble 430 played premiere in  Vigo in January 13th in 2017.

 S-A-R-A variations- 2016

viola + prepared piano


Es gibt dich (You exist) - 2016

string quartet+ canto parlato (optional)
The work is to be performed by string quartet and, optionally, with a parlato singing voice, which may be preferably performed with female voice, mezzosoprano, as well as male voice, tenor or baritone. This work is written in six movements, inspired by poems by Hilde Domin, a German Poet. 
Bretón string quartet played premiere in Santiago de compostela in November 5th in 2016.

S.O.S. - 2014

12 voices choir
Based upon the poem S.O.S. by the poet Manuel Antonio. In this work 12 voices a capella, with a single movement of two sounds per voice, shape the entire composition, in which different leitmotifs describe the symbols included in the poem.
All Children Dream is a suite of seven lullabies from all around the world, scored for mezzo , viola and harp.

All children dream - 2012

mezzo + viola + harp
All the prety little horses - N. América - Todos los niños sueñan - Mario Diz
Dormite mi niño - Venezuela - Todos los niños sueñan - Mario Diz
Müde bin ich, geh zur Ruh - Alemania - Todos los niños sueñan - Mario Diz
Numi numi, yaldati - Israel - Todos los niños sueñan - Mario Diz
Lala mtoto lala - África - Todos los niños sueñan - Mario Diz
Dorme dorme meu menino - Portugal - Todos los niños sueñan - Mario Diz
O meu menino - Galicia - Todos los niños sueñan - Mario Diz

Recorded by Radio Galega; Sound Tec. Pablo Barreiro

The ice land songs - 2011

soprano + 2 trumpets + horn + trombone (muta saxhorn)
This work is intended as a didactic concert, which shows the brass instruments in a quartet with a soprano narrating the story.
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