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Mario Diz’s music career have been linked to a diverse set of projects. He’s the director of the  University Orchestra from Santiago de Compostela where he acts as conductor and main promoter since 2010. Under the tutelage of Antón García Abril, in the last few years he has kept an intense compositional activity for different educational and professional ensembles. Specially noteworthy are his premiers in the Contemporany Music Journeys, organized by the CNDM, and the premier of Three Pieces for Band, written for the City Band of Santiago de Compostela. He has composed several pieces for chamber music formations, like the set of lullabies All Children Dream, for Mezzo, Viola and Harp, that was first recorded and played by noted mezzo-soprano Nuria Lorenzo.

PhD in Education, he is currently a professor of didactics of musical expression at the University of Santiago de Compostela and from 2008 - 2016 was a member of the management team in the Municipal School of Music of Santiago de Compostela, where, actually he also teaches violin and viola. His passion for education is clearly visible in his recent book, Mi primer violín (My First Violin), a violin method for very young children, which includes more that twenty brief pieces composed for that purpose, and in several comparative studies on different didactic methods of bowed strings.


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